Guest Post Submission

I do accept guest posts on my blog.


Please follow these guidelines in order to get your guest post approved as quickly as possible.

  1. Your guest post will be a minimum of 1,500 words and will be, at least, 90% unique (this will be checked).
  2. Your guest post will include, at least, one featured image. You can add additional images and video embeds.
  3. Your guest post will be relevant to my blog – cycling.
  4. Your guest post will be written to engage my readers (ie. not written for search engines)
  5. Your guest post will have a maximum of 3 (non-authoritative) outgoing links and unlimited authority links (just be sensible with the total number). Authority links are defined as links that are from high profile websites in a relevant niche and nonauthorty links are defined as your own websites.I reserve the right to reject any guest post for any reason I see fit. I am not obliged to respond to your submission with a rejection reason (however, I will try whenever possible).


You can send me an email, for initial contact, via my Contact Me page.

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