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Guide: Choosing the Best GPS Computer for Cycle Touring


Best GPS Cycle Computer with Maps   Are you obsessed with numbers via marginal gains? Maybe you like to explore the world via two-wheels and you enjoy going off-roading. Whatever the case is, you should consider getting your hands on one of the best GPS cycle computers with maps. These small computers have changed the …

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What are the Best Mountain Bike Hubs?


Perhaps you have been riding the trails for years or you are simply getting on the seat of a mountain bike for the very first time, you might have heard that the hub is one of the most important aspects of your bike. However, knowing what makes the best mountain bike hub stand apart from one that is merely good, is essential knowledge.

One may never think about it, bit a lot of mechanics and engineering goes into the development and crafting of a mountain bike hub. Don’t worry, you will not need to go to school to get a degree in engineering just to know more about your mountain bike hub, but you will want some basic knowledge.

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