Types of Mountain Bikes

types of mountain bikes

If you’re looking to get a mountain bike, it’s important that you first know what different types are available for you to buy.


XC mountain bikes are definitely the most related to road bikes. If you’re a rider who wants superior pedal performance, this is the bike for you.


Trail mountain bikes are the most traditional. If you’re looking to to a variety of activities on your bike, the trail bike is for you. It’s able to ride well on trails, hills, or roads.



Enduro bikes are related to trail mountain bikes in the sense that they’re on the more traditional side of things. If you’re looking to compete in mountain biking, then you need an Enduro.


As the name suggests, downhill mountain bikes are meant just for that… Going downhill. If you’re a hiker/climber they’re perfect for you.


There are many types of mountain bikes, and for good reason. They all do different things. Depending on what you’re looking to do, you are going to want to get a specific type of bike.


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