cold in the shop.

tuesday and what a weird week but what can you expect with the end of the world just 3 days away right?

2012 has been a great year and i want to thank all of my customers who have placed orders for bicycles and also all the people who have been patient over the years and are happily racking up miles all over the world. i recently finished a bike that headed to japan and landed just in time to do some cross racing. my friend daisuke was kind enough to translate and help out along the way and also puts on a hell of a cross race in japan. he has some good help and it looks like a lot of big names ended up racing this year. the bike that i built up was a great example of a classic lugged steel cross bike with a matching fork and stem to fit. i never got great photos of the frameset before it left portland but daisuke was kind enough to send me some photos via flickr.

a few notes on things i have discovered recently and have fallen in love with. one is a vintage cycling photo site called il dolore. it is f**king amazing! everything that i  have had a deeply romantic love affair with for over 20 years is distilled down to one website. (i love and hate the internet for this reason. information is so easy to access anymore that it take something away from the act of digging and finding things like this in old magazines and shoe boxes.) it keeps one of my feet firmly planted in our passionate past and in doing so, keeps my compass directed into the future of bicycles, racing and style. thanks simon.

the other thing i discovered was the lumberyard in portland. while i do consider myself to be a “roadie” at heart, i have always ridden mountain bikes and found myself riding my road bike where i shouldn’t be. building skills and feeling comfortable on loose and narrow terrain has never been my ace in the hole but i do love me some shredding every now and again. the lumberyard is a purpose built indoor mountain bike park made for every skill level and the best part is it’s dry all winter long. i don’t know what else to say about it other than i wasn’t able to wipe the smile off my face the whole time and i want to make a dirt jump bike. do it!

enjoy and happy new year to you.

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