technology is dope.

the modern era is dominated by facebook, twitter and instagram and, while i use social media, i try to balance it out with some older technology in my daily life. my shop and home stereos are from the era where you can weight quality by the pound, i like to read books and collect old magazines and of course i prefer lugged steel bikes with steel forks over the feathery carbon bikes of today. i find myself turning my head at old motorcycles and can say that the front end of a studebaker lark or an international travel-all are two of the best looking cars i have ever seen. classic style.

it is strange how the smallest details in passing can influence the way we see the world. i am fixated on the world around us and am confounded by the mix of high-tech we have in our hands and on our screens but then we also connect with people and our world in ways that can’t be replicated with an app or a video. this being said, i am guilty of spending hours watching world cup cyclo-cross or the latest rapha videos on my computer. hell, i have been looking at this screen for an hour to write this.

i have developed a reputation as a bit of a retro-grouch (i own this title as a testament as my years in the bicycle industry) and in the past year, i see the limitations to this perspective on my craft, my racing and my brand. this year i have looked for ways to streamline my building and have invested in some new tooling (if your reading this jeff buchholz, your tooling is build like a brick shit-house. thanks!), i bought some new carbon wheels (gasp!) for my cross bike and i have been taking my riding a little more serious than just pedaling around for a couple hours.

all of this new technology is dope. maybe it’s a sign of my getting smarter as i get older.


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