far and wide

one thing i love about building bicycles is knowing that they are ridden all over the world in all sorts of conditions. this fact fuels my work every day in my small shop. below are a few snap shots from happy customers who have been adding up the miles on their bikes.

Ira —
Thought you might appreciate this. Here’s a shot of the bike south of Knowlton in Quebec, about 10 miles North of the Vermont border. Amazing ride — high 60s, no humidity and no cars over 40 miles and 7,000 feet of climbing.
Loving the bike. As I mentioned before, my only regret is not getting it sooner. Amazingly smooth and quick, fits like a glove. People who get it ask to look, and several have been caught stroking the lugs (not sure how i feel about that…)
Hope you’re well.

Finally passed 4000 miles on the bike.  It has been enjoyable as ever.  Best ride this summer was 105 miles with top of Hurricane Ridge as the midpoint (pic).The best news is my four year old son Luca pedaled on his own today!  He went from Strider balance bike to pedaling, really fun to watch. Hope to get south sometime and have a beer.  I enjoyed the Andy Hampsten video very much.  Hope all is well.
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