Starting in March of 2014, Ira Ryan Cycles is no longer accepting new orders for custom bicycles. Since 2012, I have been working with good friend and fellow Portland framebuilder, Tony Pereira to launch Breadwinner Cycles in an effort to build high quality custom steel bicycles in Portland, OR. with 8-12 weeks for delivery. Business has grown and we offer 8 different models to suit every riding style from road race to mountain, from city porteur to cyclo-cross. Please visit our website for more information at

Thank you.

Passion, experience and the idea of adventure fuel my desire to ride, race and build bicycles.

I have built over a hundred bicycles since I opened the doors of my workshop in 2005. They are all a result of a love affair with the bicycle as a tool for discovery, a vehicle of efficiency and one of the most elegant machines that man has ever made. I have been a cycle-tourist, raced road, cross and mountain bikes, wrenched on weeklong tours and in dark basements, messengered in the rain for years. I have been caught in Midwestern hailstorms, fixed thousands of bicycles and seen them roll smoothly out the door. I have ridden carbon fiber race bikes, bad suspension mountain bikes in the 1990’s and rusty cruisers found in alleys in the snow. I have cut my hands on a sharp lug and shed blood for my craft.

I am a cyclist. I am a frame builder. I want to understand why bicycles do what they do and how to refine them further. With one foot in the classic world of Eddy, Roger and Bernard I understand that bicycles should be elegant, simple and durable. I also value advanced developments with composite forks, modern drivetrains and lighter components. I want to build bicycles that are timeless, durable and well fitted.

Building with the best steel alloys from Columbus and Dedacciai, we combine hand cut lugs, 56% silver, brass and lots of time and care to build each frame to suit your needs best. While no two bikes are ever the same, all of the bicycles that leave the shop are designed, crafted and refined to deliver the best ride using all of our years in the saddle and our experience at the workbench.

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